Cabaire Pressurizer

Enginaire’s Cabaire uses its own high pressure air pump, not a fan, to deliver a high volume of dual filtered air into your enclosure, which then has a positive air pressure on the inside. When the enclosure has positive pressure dirt is forced out of the doors, windows and other unsealed areas instead of being drawn into the enclosure. You stay clean, your electronics and other instruments stay clean, while you breathe easy.

Cabaire Pressurizer Unit:

  • Min 81cfm
  • Max 174cfm
  • Part Number  E-A68690

 Cabaire Filter Cartridge:

  • Part Number  E-A68690-1

 Cabaire 3″ Inline Coal Filter:

  • Part Number  E-A68695

 Cabaire Replacement Brushes:

  • Part Number  E-A99999-6