Separ 2000 Water Separator Fuel Filters

Separ 2000/5/50 Diesel Fuel Filter

Separ 2000 water separator fuel filters for diesel engines. An entirely new, very economic, multistage centrifugal system ensures a 100% solution to the problems of water and particulates suspended in the fuel.

Both water and particulate matter can result in high wear and tear of fuel pumps and injectors, resulting in reduced reliability and expensive engine repairs and down time. Incorporating a patented five stage, high separation, low restriction filtration system the Separ 2000 has available fuel flow rates from 5 to 260 litres per minute.

  • Very Compact Design
  • High Separation Efficiency
  • Low Flow Restriction
  • Long Life, back-flushable Filter Element
  • Extended Service Time
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Maintenance
Separ Filter Element