ADDINOL Industrial Oils – The Experts for High-Performance Lubricants

ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH develops and produces high-performance lubricants of the latest generation. Among these are high-performance lubricants for highest demands and pioneering innovations like ADDINOL Eco Gear, the industrial gear oil with Surftec®-technology.

Customers all over the world appreciate the high quality standard of ADDINOL products, the wide know-how, the extraordinary service and the absolute reliability of ADDINOL.

ADDINOL – German Quality since 1936

The ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH develops and produces innovative lubricants for highest requirements in the automotive and industrial sector.
Founded in 1936 the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf became one of the largest national refineries. After the German Reunification the company changed its name to ADDINOL – Additives in oil – which was its most famous brand. Today the products are developed and produced at the chemical site Leuna/Saxony-Anhalt according to the latest standards.

ADDINOL Industry – Sets new standards

In the industrial sector ADDINOL provides high-performance lubricants for almost all applications. Innovative products, such as the high-performance gear oil ADDINOL Eco Gear or ADDINOL Cliptec for the lubrication of high temperature chains, set new benchmarks in tribology.

ADDINOL Automotive – More than 140 approvals

The automotive range of ADDINOL comprises engine and transmission oils with highest international specifications. More than 140 approvals of leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) underline the outstanding quality of the ADDINOL lubricants for all motor and commercial vehicles. Among these are Mercedes-Benz, the Volkswagen group, BMW, MAN, Porsche, Scania, Volvo and MTU.

Furthermore, ADDINOL provides engine oils for gas engines in combined heat and power plants operated with natural gas and special gases. ADDINOL gas engine oils are approved by well-known manufacturers such as MAN, MTU Onsite Energy, MWM and GE Jenbacher.

ADDINOL – Our service

ADDINOL is represented on all continents with partners in more than 70 countries. The experts of ADDINOL have comprehensive tribological know-how and experience. A product range of more than 600 high-performance lubricants and extensive service – we provide the optimal lubrication engineering solution for your respective applications.