ADDINOL Eco Gear – High-performance gear oils setting standards

  • Addinol Oil
  • Wear protection
  • Re-smoothing
  • Longlife warranty
  • Highest performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliable operation
  • Cost reduction

ADDINOL Eco Gear oils are state-of-the-art. They have been developed in close co-operation with leading institutes, gear and plant manufacturers – specifically tailored to the complex requirements of modern gears of all construction types.

ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S with Surftec®, the effective formula against wear

ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S adapt to changing load conditions in the toothing and increase its load carrying capacity; they achieve a targeted prevention of micro-pitting and pitting and even re-smooth pre-damaged surfaces. ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S are applied at high loads and preferably for toothings prone to micro-pitting.

While ADDINOL Eco Gear M is ideal for mild climates and constant temperature conditions, ADDINOL Eco Gear S masters varying temperatures in a wide range. Preferred applications for the mineral oil based Eco Gear M are gears in steel industry, in mining and in cement industry. The synthetic Eco Gear S is applied successfully for instance in wind turbines, in mining and in extruder gears.

ADDINOL Eco Gear W with Advantec Formula for maximum energy efficiency

ADDINOL Eco Gear W has been developed for gears of the latest design as well as toothing and bearing surfaces of highest quality.

Thanks to its extended temperature range and its improved pumpability it is perfectly fit for the use at low temperatures. Ideal applica