ADDINOL Gas Engine Oil ADDINOL product range offers several gas engine oils which were developed specifically for the extreme requirements posed by these applications. They are used in biogas plants but also in the utilisation of landfill, sewage and mine gas and in the conventional operation with natural gas successfully and are approved by leading gas engine manufacturers.


All engines, both operated with natural gas and special gases, are subject to high combustion temperatures. In addition, they run non-stop and under full load. In order to ensure their safe and reliable operation, deposits and wear as well as corrosion must be prevented. Besides, the operation with special gases means individual and varying gas qualities as well as loads caused by hydrogen sulphide, contaminants and humidity.


These conditions require the following characteristics of gas engine oils:

  •  provide excellent thermal-oxidative stability
  •  prevent deposits
  •  ensure engine cleanliness
  •  protect against wear and corrosion reliably
  •  achieve long operating lives
  •  neutralise acid components in special gas operations