ADDINOL Wind Turbine Oil

Maximum energy efficiency

• maximum energy efficiency

• reliable application also at extreme sub-zero temperatures

• excellent air and water separation.

With its novel “Advantec Formula” ADDINOL wind turbine oil Eco Gear W protects toothings and bearings of highest surface qualities. By reducing friction between friction pairings it cuts the gears’ power loss and increases its efficiency achieving operation at maximum energy efficiency in turn.

By minimising friction thanks to the “Advantec Formula”, oil sump temperature is reduced as well, having a positive impact on the operating live of the gear oil in general.

No chances for water, air or foam

During operation the agitation and aeration of the lubricant is unavoidable. The fine air bubbles must be separated and released from the oil quickly as they impair the hydrodynamic lubricating film and bear the danger of cavitation.

In the air separation test ADDINOL Eco Gear W achieves best results.

The release of introduced air causes foam on the lubricant’s surface which is minimised for ADDINOL Eco Gear W by the help of special inhibitors and carefully
selected base components. Even under the impact of water or heavy contamination foam formation is preventedeffectively. In the Flender foam test ADDINOL Eco Gear 460 W achieves best results.

Apart from excellent air separation ADDINOL Eco Gear W also displays an outstanding separation of water and this way reduces the danger of corrosion in the gear box.

The innovative high-performance gear oil ADDINOL Eco Gear W is available in the following ISO viscosity grades: 150, 220, 320, and 460.

It is particularly suited for modern gears with highest specific loads of friction partners, dynamically changing loads as well as critical thermal conditions at bearings and toothings. ADDINOL Eco Gear 320 W is ideal for the application in gears of wind turbines, for instance.