ECS Diesel Biocide

Diesel fuel Fungi, Yeast, Mold and Bacteria treatment

Use – ECS-82 is a highly effective diesel biocide formula for use in storage situations where water promotes the growth of microbial organisms.

Product Information:

ECS-82 Diesel Biocide is intended where distillate fuels are used such as bulk storage tanks, diesel trucks, marine diesel engines, farm equipment and diesel generators. Where water is present in a storage tank it will provide a location for algae and bacteria to grow in a layer between the water and fuel. Once the population of the microbe or fungus reaches a certain size dieback occurs and then filters can become blocked with a black slimy deposit and the fuel may be hazy with water and dirt. This can reduce the performance

Features & Benefits:.

  • ECS-82 is excellent for use with all forms of diesel and biodiesel.
  • ECS-82 has been formulated to treat more types of Fungi, Yeast, Mold and bacteria than other Brands
  • ECS-82 is a concentrated formula for treatment of more litres per millilitre added.
  • ECS-82 promotes fuel stability during storage.

Directions for Use:

Maintenance Dose: 1 Litre / 2,000 Litres of Diesel Contamination Dose: 1 Litre / 1,000 Litres of Diesel Typical Properties
Appearance: Clear to Yellow Liquid
Odour: Slight Odour Flammable: C1 Combustible Liquid Solubility: Soluble in water
pH 12
Flash Point: 84°C
Specific Gravity: 1.0 – 1.2

Product Codes / Quantities:

ECS-82-20L 20L Plastic Drum
ECS-82-1000L 1000L Plastic IBC
ECS-82-208L 208L Metal Drum