MPC Lubricants and Additives


Since its inception in 1985, MPC has achieved growth which has resulted from our commitment to our customers and product quality. Our mission is to provide products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our continued growth is based on these values.

MPC lubricants and Additives are being used worldwide in industries such as these: automotive, transmission rebuild, steel, mining, metalworking, manufacturing, construction, transportation, light and heavy rail, maintenance, general industry, marine, paper,bicycling, firearms, agriculture, and the list goes on.


Our goal is to help keep our customer’s equipment operating efficiently so you can focus your time and energies on managing the rest of your business. Our lubricants and additives have been designed to reduce friction-related heat and wear, resulting in:

  • Less maintenance costs
  • Optimal equipment operation
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer equipment life

If you depend on successful lubrication, you need MPC’s products – “The Strength in Lubrication”