Why Hydraulic Oil / Compressor Oil Cleaning Is Required?

Oilmax Hydraulic Fludid Cleaning Machine

The contamination often found in the hydraulic systems, on which expensive vital machinery depends upon, is too small for the naked eye to see and can contaminate hydraulic fluid enough to bring things to a grinding halt. The incorporation of centrifugal filters in addition to inline media filters provide effective means to control particulate contamination in hydraulic and lubricant fluids. The majority of hydraulic system failures are  directly related to particulate matter contamination of the hydraulic oil. Taking care of the oil in the system will prevent the untimely replacement of the oil, save considerable costs, and protect the hydraulic equipment.




Standalone Hydraulic System



    This is a complete portable system of centrifugal oil cleaning with inbuilt motor & pump , thus it can be run independently whether hydraulic system is running or not. The complete unit can be moved on wheels or can also be fixed in place as per requirement. Combination of the centrifuge & Filtroil element filter for water removal ensures removal of particulate as well as water from hydraulic oil.