Oil Recovery Centrifuge


The Oil Recovery Centrifuge works on the principle of centrifugal separation. The rotor bowl is made of perforated steel screen and is driven by and electric motor. Chips / Parts from which oil is to be recovered are loaded in the rotor bowl and the Centrifugal force created in the rotor separates the oil from surface of Chips / Parts.
Collected oil is drained out by opening valve provided at the bottom of unit.


Oil recovery Centrifuge




  • Complete Oil Recovery
  • Improved Product Finish
  • Reduced Oil Consumption
  • Substantial savings on cost of oil
  • Save 1000’s of Liters of oil per month
  • Reduced pollution and environmental impact



  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Fastener Manufacturing
  • Spring Manufacturing
  • Gun Drilling
  • CNC Machines
  • Auto Components

Oil Recovery Centrifuge