Why Regular Cleaning of Quenching Oil is Important

Quenching Oil Filtration MachineHigh Performance quench oil must have oxidation resistance, be not-staining, have elevated flash point & good heat Transfer characteristics. Contamination of quenching oil adversely affects above properties

This most common contaminants and the problems caused by them are :

1. Solid Particles – Dust & Metal Particles & rust are invariably introduced in the quench oil together with the parts to be hardened.

2. Oxidation Deposits – In combination with very high temperature of the quench oil, the above contaminants will accelerate the decomposition of the oil and resin-like deposits will form. This will, in turn, severely reduce the efficiency of the oil coolers and quenching process.

3. Cracking Deposits – when large molecules are exposed to heat and even small amounts of oxygen, they crack into small particles. These deposits tend to stick to the surfaces of the quenched parts, making subsequent cleaning difficult.