Mann+Hummel Oil Cleaning Centrifuges

Enginecare Systems Australasia is a proud distributor of the Mann+Hummel oil cleaning centrifuge manufactured in the UK (originally known as Glacier and also known as Spinner II).

Mann+Hummel centrifuges provide the oil cleaning power to reduce operating costs and extend the service life of heavy-duty diesel, natural gas and Landfill engines.

Mann+Hummel centrifuges economically remove the most damaging by-products of the combustion process – the soot and fine contaminants that full-flow filters and other types of bypass filtration simply cannot stop.

A Mann+Hummel oil cleaning centrifuge is a cleanable, re-usable bypass filtration solution. It is simple to service and ruggedly constructed to provide dependable, trouble-free performance.

Why are centrifuges Superior to Ordinary media-type filtration?


Centrifuges will maintain consistent fine particle extraction throughout the total oil service interval, unlike media-type filtration which can permanently block and cause the oil to bypass the filter altogether.


Ultra-fine particle removal reduces wear at least 50%


High efficiency maintains additive potency, extends oil life


Large dirt holding capacity extends oil drain and service intervals


Oil cleaning effectiveness extends full-flow filter life


Reduced oil and filter consumption cuts waste disposal costs