Centrifuge Filter Stations

A filter station plumbed with Two or more Mann+Hummel FM600 centrifuges with its own auxiliary oil pump, can be employed to cycle through and clean (stored or mobile) hydraulic fluid, oils and various other fluids, many times per hour. In particular mobile applications this can easily be done during the equipment’s scheduled service downtime.

Centrifuge Filter Stations – Clean Oil for Mining and Quarry Crushers and Large Machinery

Continuous replacement of low micron rated oil filters is necessary to obtain the best ROI on crushers operating in the harsh environment of quarries and mines. While filters are a major cost, in some extreme applications their daily replacement is necessary to minimize machinery downtime.

Enginecare Systems High Volume Centrifuge Filter Stations are a much more efficient and less costly solution to sub-micron filtration needed to remove the majority of wear-causing particles in the drive and engine oils. This equipment is usually set up to continually recirculate the oil through CENTRIFUGE oil conditioning units that have been selected to suit the size of the oil supply base tank or sump.

Different Centrifuge Filter Station configurations have been developed to economically clean large volumes of oil. These high volume Centrifuge Filter Stations have been proven to extend oil life and that of the machinery components that are lubricated. Units can be supplied to micro clean any volume of oil at flow rates from 8 to 300 litres per minute.

Major benefits of using a Centrifuge Filter Station:

  • Creation of additional machine up time
  • Reduction or elimination of costly filter media replacement
  • Continuous oil cleaning
  • Significantly increased life of internal components and bearings
  • Simple adaptability to any high volume oil or fuel cleaning application.