The Benefits and Importance of Clean Oil

Oil is the life-blood of the engine and clean oil is essential if an engine is to operate efficiently throughout its working life. In response to environment and customer requirements engine manufacturers are adapting their designs to reduce harmful emissions and at the same time extend oil drain intervals. Emission reduction technologies such as exhaust gas re-circulation, EGR (Exhaust Gas Reticulation) have been shown to increase the level of contaminant, especially soot in the lubricating oil. The net effect is modern oils are being required to work harder, last longer and contain higher levels of contamination. Therefore advances in oil chemistry and oil filtration technology are essential to maintain oil cleanliness.

Mann+Hummel bypass centrifuge oil cleaners are proven to be the most effective and economic for removing soot particles.

The Benefits of Fitting a Centrifuge to your Engine / Machinery are:

Fitting a centrifuge will maintain the design parameters and efficiency of you new, low emission, engines. Protecting your investment for a much greater period.

  • Extension of oil life
  • Lengthens service intervals (under strict guidance of the sampling process)
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Enhances long-term preventative maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Cuts waste disposal costs
  • Reduces application down time
  • Maximises in service time for vehicle/engines/machine
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency
  • Supports engine technology for the reduction of exhaust emissions
  • Fast long term return on investment on your Plant and Machinery

Superior Wear Reduction Graph

Centrifuge Wear reduction on critical parts
Centrifuge Wear reduction on critical parts

This chart illustrates reduction in wear achieved with a Spinner II* oil cleaning centrifuge vs. bypass filters (AC fine test dust fed at 1 gram/hour; 400-hour test using component weight loss method). Contact Enginecare Systems for a copy of the complete report.

*Mann+Hummel oil cleaning centrifuges are manufactured in the UK  and were originally known as Glacier and are also known as Spinner II.